Are you looking for website ideas to launch as a side business?

There are so many opportunities with profitable website ideas that you can easily transform into a sustainable side income.

In this post, not only we will share some of the best website ideas to launch this year, but also how to easily get started without a big investment.

It is a common myth that you need to be tech-savvy or a programmer to start a website. This was probably true in the 90s, but these days you don’t need any special skills to build a website.

Here is what you actually need to make a website:

  1. A domain name, e.g.
  2. Web hosting account. This will be your website’s home and where you’ll store all your website files
  3. A website builder. We recommend using WordPress with DIVI

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Along with all that you also get a free SSL certificate. Basically, you can launch a website for £1.99 per month.

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That being said, let’s take a look at some of the most profitable website ideas to launch this year and turn them into a viable business.

Here is a quick list of website ideas that we’ll talk about. You can jump to the one that you find interesting or read as you scroll along.

1. Sell Handicrafts Online
Want to sell your homemade items on the internet? It is really easy to do and could be the beginning of a successful business idea.

You can start an online store using WooCommerce, which is super-easy to set up. Unlike other platforms, WooCommerce doesn’t take a cut out of each transaction you make which is really important for a home-based business.

2. Launch a Fashion Blog
Fashion and lifestyle is another profitable website idea that has a ton of potential. There are a lot of fashion bloggers and influencers making six-figure incomes.

You can make money through display ads, affiliate marketing, Instagram partnerships with brands, and more.

3. Start a Travel Website
Making a travel blog is another great website idea that is easy to implement and build upon.

You can be an experienced traveller, vlogger, or marketer promoting different tourist destinations. You can monetize using display ads, travel partnerships, earning perks, and more.

4. Make a Food / Recipes Website
The food and recipe website is already a popular website idea with plenty of room for new websites.

You can easily start a blog or website, share recipes, discuss food, health, or other related topics. Most recipe websites make money through ads, affiliate marketing, and by selling membership subscriptions.

5. Start a Podcast Website
Podcasting is another popular website idea that you can launch. It is a fast-growing niche with tons of monetization options.

A podcast is an episodic series of audio files that users can subscribe to download and listen to.

6. Make a Coupons Website
A coupons website helps customers find coupons and deals for their favourite products.

It connects businesses to the customers and provides the tools to locate deals and discounts. It is monetized by affiliate links, partnerships, and display ads.

You can totally automate your website and allow businesses to submit deals directly. This allows you to make money online with user-generated content.

7. Create an Online Marketplace
Many successful marketers use ideas that involve user-generated content to make money. Creating an online marketplace website is one such website idea that you can easily replicate.

A marketplace website is where you provide an eCommerce platform for others to sell their products. You get a cut on each transaction made on your website while the sellers manage the shipping and fulfilment.

8. Build a Reviews Website
Most users look at online reviews before making a buying decision. This makes a reviews website a really lucrative website idea.

A reviews website could rely on both user-generated and original content. You can make money using display ads, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and more.

9. Launch a Portfolio Website
A great website idea is to make a portfolio website. If you are an artist, photographer, musician, or videographer, then a portfolio website helps you showcase your work and find new opportunities.

However, you don’t need to be an artist to make a portfolio website. The same idea can be used by any kind of professional like writers, web designers, developers, fashion models, and more.

10. Start a Pet Owners Community
Making an online pets store is another easy to start website idea. It is such a massive industry that you can find many untapped niche ideas catering to specific customers.

You can sell anything on your pet store using WooCommerce. You can also use MemberPress to build a members-only community that generates even more revenue for your business.

11. Start a News Website
If you are into current affairs and politics, then creating a news website could be the money-making idea you are looking for.

You can start a news website and monetize it using display ads and by selling membership subscriptions. Many traditional newspapers are already putting their content behind paywalls and monetizing.

You can start small with few articles per week and then build upon that. With local newspapers struggling, there’s a high demand for hyper-local niche news website, and we believe this will be a huge trend going into 2021 and beyond.

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We hope this post will help find you the best website idea to launch this year.

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