Jetpack is a plugin suite that combines essential WordPress features into one large plugin. It allows you to manage the features you want to use, and you can turn off the features you don’t need.

The core focus of the plugin is security, performance, and marketing.

Like all things in life, the Jetpack plugin comes with its own advantages and disadvantages that you need to keep in mind.

Pros of Using Jetpack Plugin

  • One plugin to rule them all. You get all essential features in one easy to manage package.
  • Jetpack is highly optimized for performance with Automattic’s (company behind Jetpack and powerful infrastructure running in the background.
  • It has a nicer user interface than your typical WordPress plugins.

Cons of Using Jetpack Plugin

  • Using Jetpack requires you to create a account.
  • The Jetpack core is free but many of its features require a paid subscription.
  • It has limited email functionality. You cannot email your subscribers without publishing a blog post.
  • Your website becomes dependent on one plugin, which makes it harder to replace in the future.

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